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At the Amazing Rainforest we value the uniqueness and diversity of our children. The commitment and skills of our staff facilitate learning in an excellent learning environment that encourages innovation and creative thinking. We recognize the importance to give back as a member of our centre, family and community. We value our environment. We care and respect it as one of its inhabitants, and as a result, the Amazing Rainforest strives to teach and learn more about its value.

Our Philosophy:
Critical learning pathways

In all of our programs we strive to support our students and provide necessary resources to facilitate their highest potential. We value the importance of innovation, critical thinking and collaborative work. We believe that the teaching and learning about science and the arts is a vehicle to critical learning. Most children are naturally curious about their surroundings, they have an interest in exploration and investigate how things work and why things happen. Children have an innate sense of wonder and awe and a natural desire to make sense of their environment. The guidance of a thoughtful teacher is essential to enable children to learn though inquiry.